Storing Items The Right Way In Your Caravan

When it gets to time to loading up your caravan for a trip it is very important that you try and pack things securely. Hopefully these few tips will help. Make sure that all items are securely packed as movement can cause damage to the interior of your caravan. Grab some towels to cushion things were there is excess movement.

  • Waste and water containers should be sat on the floor in the toilet cupboard.
  • Gas bottles, main electric cables and levellers should be stored in the gas locker at the front of the caravan.
  • Heavy items, awning, poles etc. should be packed and stored on the floor over the axle area. Make sure they are secure and tightened.
  • Medium weight items, plastic furniture, bikes and other things of similar weight, should be slotted in just in front or behind the heavier items. They need to be secured and fastened.
  • Put your crockery in racks up in the overhead lockers in the kitchen.
  • If your bringing food try to use packets rather than tins as these take up less room and are not as heavy.
  • Food packaged in large boxes  can consume space, packing them into freezer bags that are sealed takes up a lot less room and keeps them just as fresh.
  • Only 100% sealed containers of liquid should go in the fridge.
  • Put all bed covers and linen to the bed lockers under the bunk seats.
  • Store your T-shirts and other garments in the overhead storage lockers.
  • Any clothes that are on hangers should be Pegged to hangers so that they don’t fall off during travel.
  • Put your shoes and boots in the bottom of the wardrobes.
  • Bath towels and tea cloths can be put in the overhead lockers or on the shelves in the wardrobe.