Campsite Etiquette

If you are fairly new to going on a campsite holiday and heading off in a caravan, it’s important to know and observe what you should and shouldn’t do when you are there. Breaking some of the campsite etiquette rules won’t just make you unpopular with fellow caravan members but in some cases can even have you put out from the campsite completely.

1. Always bear in mind, that when pitching your caravan, don’t go past your pitch boundaries. Your neighbours will not take too kindly to you crossing into their space.

2. Remember to raise the ground sheet of your awning each day to allow grass to breathe underneath it so the pitch is stays nice for the people who will be camping after you in that pitch.

3. If you are allowed to camp with your pet please make sure they don’t go running on to anyone else’s pitches and always clean up after them.

4. Always respect the rights of others to a quiet night of sleep – if you are with a big group of people, ask for a pitch away from families so that you’re unlikely to disturb them. Music levels should be kept low at night.

5. Watch where you build your fire if you are making one; your neighbours won’t appreciate their freshly washed clothing smelling of smoke; keep an eye on the wind direction.

6. Never litter, and that includes cigarette butt-ends. Always pick it all up as you go and get rid of it in facilities offered at the campsite. If there are no facilities then you must take it away with you.

7. If during the wet and muddy conditions you choose to use the shower facilities offered at the campsite make sure you give the floor a quick mop over after you’ve used it so that its clean for other fellow campers.

8. Always be careful of local wildlife by not leaving food out unattended or feeding the animals; this might attract them to the site and it will end up being a disaster if you come out to find foxes munching through your food.

9. Early risers; those who head to bed early and get up at dawn need to be mindful of those that maybe are in need of a lay in – don’t go wake them up with noise.

10. Taking your caravan away during the quiet season and you are given a choice of pitch, don’t opt for the one next to the only other person camping on the site without asking them first – it can be considered rude as they might wish to have some privacy from others at that time.