Keeping Your Caravan Clean

Everybody has to keep their caravan tidy and in a clean condition. If you do not fall behind when cleaning your caravan, it will never have to be a big job. Usually people like to go over their caravan giving it a good clean right before they go on their first trip of the season; others though leave it at that.

It is a great idea to give it a real good clean before it heads into storage for any period of time. This will make cleaning the caravan in the spring that definitely easier. Divide your caravan cleaning into two parts, the exterior and the interior. This guide will try give you a few tips on how to clean your caravan inside and out.


This really is not any different than cleaning the inside of your house. Follow the rule of ‘a little and regular’ it will make a huge difference and will mean you don’t have to commit to several days of carrying out one big caravan clean in one go.

Carpets need to be kept vacuumed in order that the dust and dirt doesn’t sneak up on you, if they are removable carpets, you should take them out and give them a good beat them on a wall or a washing line to make sure they are really free of dust and clean.

Keep the worktops and surfaces clean and regularly dusted. The faster you remove any build up of dirt and scuffs, the cleaner your caravan will look. Things such as the cooker can easily become messy and will need a bit more work than other things.

Kitchen cleaners should be fine to clean them out. However wooden surfaces, be careful what for a cleaning product you will use, some might have bleach or other chemicals that may damage or stain the wood veneers. There is specialist caravan cleaning products available like Towsure Spray and Clean that are designed to work on wood surfaces and similar inside caravans without doing any damage to them.

Bathrooms should be cleaned in the usual way. There is a specialist caravan cleaning product that can be used, its a toilet spray produced by Thetford. It’s specially designed to be used on plastic toilets without doing any damage to them and produces great results.


Maintaining the outside of your caravan and keeping it clean is just as important. If and when you choose to sell the caravan its the first thing any prospective buyer will see so making a good impression is important. There are some washing places that specialise in exterior caravan cleaning but if you keep ahead of it, it won’t be a hard job to do yourself.

The outside of the caravan takes the worst of the dirt from being used and being in storage so they definitely require more regular cleaning to make them look fresh and clean. Wash the outside of a caravan the same way as you would wash a car.

There is specific cleaning products such as a polish that will bring up a nice shine on the fibreglass, as well as an acrylic window polish that will work much better to clean caravan windows than say any glass cleaner does.

Do not forget the roof when cleaning your caravan, it is important and normally will have the most dirt out of the whole outside because of birds and leaves etc. You can use a special hose attachments, like an extending pole which will make cleaning your caravan roof a lot easier and safer.

Under no circumstances put your body weight on the caravan roof, it is not designed for that and is not strong enough. You might cause permanent damage and bend it. Cleaning your caravan roof before you store it for any extended period will make keeping your caravan clean in the summer a lot easier.